Our vision of entrepreneurship relies on supporting 100,000 small businesses in the past 10 years.

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Our business is entrepreneurship.

The Foundervision AG based in Berlin provides services for small business. We have over 10 years of experience in supporting startups and young companies across all industries. Through unternehmenswelt.de and beratungswelt.de our team has already helped over 100,000 entrepreneurs as they took their first step into self-employment. After initial experience with smallbusinesscrowd.com, we plan to expand our services for startups and young companies internationally with our new endeavor Zandura.

We support startups in Berlin.

Aside from our own projects, we are also actively involved in the ecosystem of Berlin’s startup scene. As an incubator, we provide you with consulting services and resources for the successful development of startups, as well as management and agency services as needed. At Webworker Berlin we offer low-cost office spaces for working and networking. And with our crowdfunding platform Berlin Crowd, we facilitate seed financing of startups in Berlin, which can thereby independently and sustainably develop their enterprise. Based on our resources and experience, we can fully support startups in Berlin.

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The excutive board for Foundervision AG consists of René Wendler (CEO) and Verena Freese (COO), who both look back on 10 years of professional experience and are highly involved and networked in Berlin’s startup scene. If you are interested in working with us, please contact Verena on Facebook and briefly let us know of your request. If there is interest on our part, then we will arrange a preliminary meet and greet at our office in Berlin as soon as possible. We look forward to creating and implementing sustainable and innovative projects with you.


Prof. Dr. Daniel Markgraf

Prof. Dr. Daniel Markgraf

Verena Freese

Verena Freese

René Wendler

René Wendler

Falk Hermann

Falk Hermann

Patricia Döring

Patricia Döring

Johannes Pommranz

Johannes Pommranz



Our office is in Berlin, the european melting pot of creative and technological skills for web-based business models.


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